My time in Europe

When I went to Europe, I had no idea what to expect. ┬áMy plan was to go to Budapest for 3 months. Yes my first time going to Europe was going to be Budapest. Wicked, right? Well, my roommate was an Australian guy that has already been to Budapest before, along with many other places […]

St. Augustine Roof Repair

After purchasing my new home a year ago I had already noticed it had needed a new roof. Since this was more of a vacation home, I just kinda ignored it and didn’t pursue fixing the roof with a solid roofing repair company, or even considered having a whole replacement of the roof. After contacting […]

Visiting St. Augustine Florida

St. Augustine Florida, the “oldest city” is a beautiful city to visit, full of history. There is the infamous Spanish fort, along with St. George Street, Casa Monica, Flagler College, among many other sight seeing places. Full of many places to visit during the day, and many pubs to visit at night, you are sure […]