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St. Augustine Roof Repair

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After purchasing my new home a year ago I had already noticed it had needed a new roof. Since this was more of a vacation home, I just kinda ignored it and didn’t pursue fixing the roof with a solid roofing repair company, or even considered having a whole replacement of the roof. After contacting St. Augustine Roof Repair, they had ran over to my house in a really short time, I think it was within 24 hours even. They gave me a free estimate of repair needed. I didn’t want to just stop with them, so since others offer free estimates I had another couple of companies come and inspect the roof. After meeting those other companies and comparing price, professionalism, expertise level, etc, I had decided to go with St. Augustine Roof Repair Company. I’m glaf that I did because they did a wonderful job, using great quality shingles, and finished the work in a timely fashion. The staff was all very professional. I would recommend them time and time again for those in the St. Johns County area needing roof repair or roof replacement done to their home or place of business.

Visiting St. Augustine Florida

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St. Augustine Florida, the “oldest city” is a beautiful city to visit, full of history. There is the infamous Spanish fort, along with St. George Street, Casa Monica, Flagler College, among many other sight seeing places. Full of many places to visit during the day, and many pubs to visit at night, you are sure to have a great time. My favorite things to do in St. Augustine, was walking around downtown in the St. George Street area, and going to my favorite pub The Tradewinds Lounge.

When my friends and I went out a couple of times we rented a limousine to bring us to a few pubs and then to a Carlos Santana concert. We called Limo St Augustine for our awesome limo rides. We love to ride in style when we travel to different places in the United States. Speaking for myself as well as my friends, St. Augustine is definitely a beautiful, fun, and historical place to visit, with much to learn and see how the buildings, roads, and town was first built in 1565.

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